Videocon D2H HD DVR

Videocon D2H HD DVR is a High Definition Advanced Digital Video Recorder that employs cutting edge technology which has revolutionised the television viewing experience with Hi Definition channels. It allows the consumers to take control of Live TV and provides 5 times better picture quality and exceptional digital sound quality.

Costs: Videocon D2H HD DVR with 3D is available at Rs 3990 only with extra Rs 500 for installation charges.

Packages: Videocon D2H HD DVR comes with following two packages.Videocon D2H HD DVR

· Diamond HD package : 254 Channels and services

· Platinum HD package: 265 Channels and services

How to Buy

Customers can buy Videocon HD DVR in the following ways.

Buy via telephone: Customer can call 0120 3989677, 09082099999 or 18008810111 in order to get the details of subscription for Videocon HD DVR.

Buy Online: Customers can visit the following website and purchase Videocon HD DVR online.

Buy via Dealers: Customers can walk in to their nearest dealer office for the details regarding the subscription of Videocon HD DVR.

Features of Videocon HD DVR

Hi Definition Visual Experience:

5 times better picture quality: Videocon HD DVR provides 5 times sharper picture with highest possible resolution of 1920×1080 (2.07million+ pixels).

Superb Digital Sound: It features superb digital Sound quality that offers theatre like surround sound effect into your home.

Amazing HD content: Videocon HD DVR provides wide range of HD content that covers genres including movies, Sports, Shows, Music and others.

3D Ready: Videocon HD DVR adds third Dimension to TV viewing experience by providing 3D with HD DVR.

Wide Aspect Ratio: Videocon HD DVR provides wide aspect ratio of 16:9 that is designed to suit the eyes better as it has more horizontal than vertical span. Overall, it results in pleasant and better viewing experience.

Over 2 million Pixels: Videocon HD DVR offers incredible picture clarity with over 2 million pixels that provide deepest colours, and true-to-life skin tone on HD TV.

Control Live TV:

· Pause Live TV: Videocon HD DVR comes with pause feature that allows the users to pause Live TV and then play to resume the paused programme.

· Fast Forward: Videocon HD DVR recorder allows the users to enjoy a DVD like experience with a 32X fast forward feature.

· Rewind and Repeat: Videocon HD DVR features rewind button that allows users to go back to the missed part of show and watch it again.

· Slow Motion: Videocon HD DVR offers slow motion feature for viewing the scenes in full details.

Digital video recording: Videocon HD DVR allows the user to record up to 200 hours of video and the set top box delivers excellent performance with its 160 GB hard drive.

Watch one, Record Other: Videocon HD DVR enables the users to record one live channel and view another channel simultaneously.

Schedule event recording: Videocon HD DVR enables the consumers to pick their favourite programmes from the programming guide and schedule the recording for anytime viewing.

Universal remote: Videocon HD DVR allows the users to control TV, Set top Box and DVD player with a single universal remote.

Disclaimer : Information subject to change. Please check with the vendor’s website for latest information.