Sun Direct Add Ons Packs

The Sun Direct Add Ons Packs are designed to provide flexibility to the consumers in selecting their desired channels. Customers can either select regular packages and add any Add Ons pack available or consumers can choose individual channels with available A-La-Carte packs and make their own pack. Thus, consumers can add channels as per their preference from a variety of Add Ons Packs to existing regular packages.

Add Ons packs includes Add Ons packs and A-La-Carte PacksSun Direct Add Ons Packs

Sun Direct Add Ons Packs :

World Pack (English): It costs 89 per month exclusive of taxes

Channels Included: Fox, Fox Crime, Star World, Zee Café, AXN, HBO, Sony Pix, Star Movies, Zee Studio, WB and Baby TV.

Sun Direct A-La-Carte Channels

Hindi GEC: Sahara One (Rs 5 per month), Star Plus (Rs 25 per month), Zee TV (Rs 20 per month),Sab TV (Rs 20), Sony Tv( Rs 25), Star One(Rs 30) and NDTV Imagine (Rs 25)

Hindi Movies: Set Max (Rs.20 per month), Star Gold (Rs.20 per month), Sahara Filmy (Rs.5 per month), and Zee Cinema (Rs.15 per month)

English Movies : HBO (Rs. 20 per month), Star Movies(Rs. 20 per month), WB (Rs.10 per month), Sony Pix (Rs. 15 per month) and Zee Studio (Rs. 10 per month)

Infotainment: Discovery (Rs. 20 per month), NGC (Rs. 10 per month), Animal Planet (Rs. 10 per month), NGC Wild (Rs. 10 per month) and History (Rs. 10 per month)

News : Times Now (Rs. 10 per month),NDTV 24×7 (Rs. 10 per month), CNN (Rs. 5 per month), NDTV India (Rs. 10 per month), Aaj Tak (Rs. 10 per month)

English Entertainment: AXN (Rs. 20 per month),Star World (Rs. 10 per month),FX (Rs. 10 per month), FX Crime (Rs. 10 per month) and Zee Cafe (Rs. 10 per month)

Punjabi: Zee Punjabi (Rs. 5 per month)and ETC Punjabi (Rs. 10 per month)

Sports : Star Cricket (Rs. 25 per month), Neo Cricket (Rs. 40 per month), Star sports (Rs. 25 per month) and ESPN (Rs. 25 per month)

Kids : Disney English (Rs. 15 per month), Pogo (Rs. 15 per month), Cartoon Network (Rs. 15 per month), Hungama (Rs. 10 per month), Disney XD (Rs. 15 per month) and Baby TV (Rs. 10 per month)

Music: Channel V (Rs. 5 per month) and Zoom (Rs. 10 per month)

Oriya: ETV Oriya (Rs 10 per month)

Rajasthan: ETV Rajasthan (Rs 10 per month)

Gujarati: ETV Gujarati (Rs 10 per month)

Bangla: Zee Bangla (Rs 10 per month), ETV Bangla (Rs 10 per month), Star Jalsa (Rs 10 per month) and Star Ananda (Rs 10 per month)

Marathi: ETV Marathi (Rs 10 per month), Zee Marathi (Rs 10 per month)and Zee Talkies (Rs 20 per month)

Malayalam: Asianet (Rs 10 per month) and Asianet Plus (Rs 10 per month)

Tamil : RajTV(Rs 5 per month)and Star Vijay (Rs 10 per month)

Telugu : ETV Telugu (Rs 10 per month), Maa TV (Rs 10 per month), Zee Telugu (Rs 10 per month), Raj Vissa (Rs 5 per month) and ETV2 (Rs 10 per month)

Kannada : ETV Kannada (Rs 10 per month), Zee Kannada (Rs 10 per month) and Asianet Suvranna (Rs 10 per month)

Urdu: ETV Urdu (Rs 5 per month)

Others: ABN Andhra Jyothi (Rs 5 per month), Adithya TV (Rs 10 per month), BBC World (Rs 10 per month), Chintu TV (Rs 10 per month), Chutti TV (Rs 10 per month), CNBC TV 18 (Rs 10 per month), CNN IBN (Rs 10 per month), ET Now (Rs 10 per month), Kiran TV (Rs 15 per month), KTV (Rs 15 per month), Gemini Comedy (Rs 10 per month), Gemini Movies (Rs 15 per month), Gemini Music (Rs 10 per month), Gemini TV (Rs 20 per month), Gemini News (Rs 10 per month)

Disclaimer : Information subject to change. Please check with the vendor’s website for latest information.