Reliance Super Saver Add Ons Packs

The reliance Super Saver Add Ons Packs are designed to offer discounts and savings to the Reliance digital TV subscribers on purchasing of selected combination of Add Ons Packages. It enables the customers to make good monthly savings on bulk purchasing of Add Ons Packages and enhances their entertainment with selected channels as per their own entertainment requirements.Reliance Super Saver Add Ons Packs

Super Saver Add Ons Packages

The super saver Add Ons Packages comprises of Family Entertainment, Jumbo Sports, Jumbo Entertainment and Jumbo English Add on Packs.

Family Entertainment Add On Pack:

Costs: Rs 72 Per month

Monthly Savings:Rs 12 per month

Add On Packs Covered:It includes the combination of Kids, Hindi Movies and English Movies Add on Packs.

Channels Covered:Cartoon Network, Pogo, Zee Cinema, Zee Premier, HBO, Zee Studio and World Movies

Jumbo Sports Add On Pack:

Costs: Rs 94 Per month

Monthly Savings:Rs 77 per month

Add On Packs Covered:It includes the combination of Sports I, Sports IIand Sports IIIAdd on Packs.

Channels Covered: ESPN, Star Sports, Neo Cricket, Neo Sports, Ten Action Plus, Ten Cricket, Ten Sports and Star Cricket.

Jumbo Entertainment Add On Pack:

Costs: Rs 94 Per month

Monthly Savings:Rs 76per month

Channels Covered:BBC World, BBC Entertainment, Cartoon Network, CNN, HBO, POGO, World Movies, Zee Business, Zee Café, Zee Cinema, Zee News,Zee Premier, Zee Studio and Zee Trendz.

Jumbo English Add On Pack:

Costs: Rs 44 Per month

Monthly Savings:Rs116per month

Channels Covered:AXN, BBC World, BBC Entertainment, CNN, PIX, Star Movies, Star World, TLC, Warner Bros, Warner Movies, BIG CBS Prime, BIG CBS Love, and BIG CBS Spark.

A-La-Carte Packs

In addition to these Super Saver Add Ons packages, Customers can also select individual Channels of their own choice using A-La-Carte packs.

A-La-Carte Channels List and Prices

Customers can visit the following link for checking the A-La-Carte Channels List and Prices.

Features of A-la-Carte Packs

· Customers have to pay minimum amount of Rs 165 per month irrespective of costs of a-la-carte packages he/she has selected.

· There are no add on offers available with pure A-la-Carte Packs.

· Pure A-la-Carte Packs comes with locking period of 90 days

· Customers are not allowed to club any offers and discounts with pure A-la-Carte Packs.

· Discounts on Multi STB are not applicable on pure A-la-Carte Packs.

· In case the customer migrates from existing package to A-La-carte package he/she is not entitled to any refund.

Disclaimer : Information subject to change. Please check with the vendor’s website for latest information.