Reliance Big TV Set-Top-Box

A Reliance Big TV Set-Top-Box is a device that enables a television set for receiving and decoding digital television (DTV) broadcasts. It also allows a TV set to act as a user interface for accessing Internet.

Reliance Big TV Set-Top-Box (STB) Features

Reliance Big TV Set-Top-Box Front Panel

· Power key to switch the Set-Top-Box (STB) in “power on mode” or “in standby mode”

· Menu key for launching or terminating the menu application

· Standby / Power on indication light which turns off in the “power on mode” and turns red in “standby mode”

· Message indication light which turns orange whenever STB receives a message

· Remote Sensor for receiving the infrared signal from Remote Control

· Arrow Keys for effortless navigationinterface

· OK key for activating a highlighted item or going to next level on hypertextmenu

· Infra-Red Activity Indication Light which turns green on “power onmode” and flashes green on receiving data from Remote Control

· Smart Card Slot for keeping Smart Card completely into the slot

Rear Panel

· Antenna In slot for receiving the inputs from terrestrial antenna and also for connecting to CableNetwork of active antenna

· Terrestrial signal loop out & RF re-modulationout for connecting to RF Terminal of TV set

· Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Output which connect tocomponent video terminal of TV set

· LNB Input for Digital satellitesignal input from Dish Antenna (LNB) to Tuner

· Video for composite video output to the Television and for connecting to composite video terminal of TV set

· Audio L & R for the Left & Right Audio output which is used for connecting to the audio terminalof Hi-Fi Audio system or TV set

· USB is used as a port for USB device

· Loop out is used for Looping through the output from digital Tuner

· DC Jack for DC 12V input from Adopter which is used for connecting Adopter plug

Remote Control Unit Features

· Servicesfor accessing help, account information, FAQs, and more

· Mute for turning the sound on/off

· Live TV for exit to Live TV

· Back is used for returning to previous menu

· OK key for selecting an item or for confirming a menu

· Vol (+/-) for adjusting the volume level

· Program Guide for viewing channel and program information

· Select for rapid interactive channel surfing

· Menu/Home for reaching the main menu

· Colour keys including Red, Green, Yellow, Blue keys which are used in applications as extended menus

· Power key for switching to “standby” or “power on” mode

· Cinema for accessing Cinema

· Interactive for accessing interactive applications

· Info for viewing more information related to program/movie

· Up/Down keys for up/down navigation

· Left/Right for easy left/right navigation

· Ch (+/-) for switching between channels

· Pre-CH for Toggling between the current and last viewed channels

· Numerical keys from 0 to 9 for entering channel numbers orcharacters

Disclaimer : Information subject to change. Please check with the vendor’s website for latest information.