How to Subscribe for VDD Direct Plus DTH?

In order to avail the broadcasting facilities of DD Direct+, subscribers need to purchase a receive system from open market and get is installed with the help from dealers. There are no subscription fees charged for receiving the channels as DD Direct+ is free to air service.

How to Subscribe for VDD Direct Plus DTH? Composition of DD Direct+ Receive System: It comprises of a small satellite dish and digital integrated receiver/decoder (IRD).

· Small satellite dish is an antenna that receives a satellite broadcast signal

· Digital integrated receiver/decoder (IRD): It is also called as STB (Set Top Box) that separates each channel, decompresses and translates the digital signal so that it can be viewed over a television

· Remote control for operating the channels and functions over the TV.

Costs and Charges: Subscribers has to make one time investment for receiving DD-DIRECT signal by purchasing Receive System. The cost of a receive system is less than Rs 3000. There are no recurring monthly expenditure to be borne by the viewer. As compared to other DTH systems, Receive System is very cheap and affordable. There are no activation fees and no monthly subscription fees charged unlike other Dth operators. The demand for the receive systems will increase once the technology gets induced and ultimately the prices would come down in future.

Installation of the Receive System:

Once the subscriber has purchased the Receive System, he/she can install the System. The process of installation of the receive system is very small and easy. One can do it by following certain guidelines over the website and it does not take much time. It is preferred if one takes the assistance from skilled technical personnel for getting the dish installed and oriented towards the Satellite. This step is important and needs to be carried out prior to receiving DD DIRECT+ signals.

It is necessary to tune and configure the STB initially and this procedure is normally provided by the manufacturer along with the STB.

Satellite in use:

DD Direct+ services makes use of powerful Satellite INSAT-4B which is used for uplinking the DD DIRECT+ signals. The satellite reception of the signal is being checked across the country and found to be satisfactory.

Doordarshan DTH had commenced its operations with three streams of 20 TV Channel in the beginning and it is upgraded to 5 streams of DTH bouquet that is capable of transmitting up to more than 50 TV channels.

Features of the satellite INSAT-4B

· Orbit type: Geo-synchronous

· Orbital location: 93.5° E

· High power kU Band Transponders : INSAT-4B is among the latest Geo-synchronous Satellite of INSAT series that features high power kU Band Transponders.

Service Parameters

Service parameters of the DTH bouquet of channels are as follows:

Transponder Pol Uplink Downlink Lnb SR FEC

C13 (36 MHz) H/V 14040 10990 9750 27.5 3/4

C15 (36 MHz) H/V 14120 11070 9750 27.5 3/4

C17 (36 MHz) H/V 14200 11150 9750 27.5 3/4

C 19 (36 MHz) H/V 14290 11490 9750 27.5 3/4

C 21 (36 MHz) H/V 14370 11570 9750 27.5 3/4

Disclaimer : Information subject to change. Please check with the vendor’s website for latest information.