How to subscribe for Reliance Digital TV

Customers can subscribe for the Reliance Digital TV by taking the following steps.

How to subscribe for Reliance Digital TVSelect Equipment: Customers are required to select any one of the following equipment for getting Reliance Digital TV.


· Standard set-top box

· HD set-top box

· HD DVR set-top box with personal video recording

Select Entry Offer: Once the equipment is selected, customers can choose the desired Reliance digital TV offer from the wide range of plans available as per his/her convenience. Customer can avail the attractive discounts available with various Entry Offers. Some of the widely popular offers are 1590 Offer, 1590 South Offer, attractive Regional Packs and others.

Making Payment: Customer can make payment for the equipment, installation and other subscription charges by following ways

· Online payment on

· Purchasing from a Reliance Digital Dealer

ScheduleInstallation : Once the customer has purchased the get-started kit, he/she can schedule for installation by making call to toll free number 1800 200 9003.

How to recharge the Subscription

In order to recharge the subscription, customers are required to keep following things handy.

· 12 digits Subscriber ID or Smart Card Number

· 12 digitsReliance Digital TV Recharge Voucher Coupon (RCV)PIN

Alternatively, customers can also recharge online through website

Recharge via Credit Card/ Netbanking: Customer can also make instant recharge for Reliance Digital TV account by using their credit card or Netbanking.

Customer is required to enter his/her Reliance Digital TV Smart Card Number and email address. Customer can select the amount and payment mode followed by clicking on Pay Now Button. Customer will be routed to the online payment gateway for entering the payment details and completing the transaction.

After successful transaction, customer will receive the unique transaction ID for reference. To recharge the account, customer has the online payment options of either Master / Visa credit card or net banking to directly transfer amount from the bank account

Recharge by Cash Card Online

Customers can buy a cash card from a Reliance Digital TV outlet and use their 12 digit Smart Card number to redeem the cash card online.

Customers can visit the following site for recharging their reliance Digital TV Account.

Customer is required to enter his/her Reliance Digital TV Smart Card Number and Cash Card/Oxigen Card (12 Digit PIN). After rechecking the Smart Card number and PIN entered, customer can click on the Submit Button.

Recharge via IVR:

Consumers can make call at 1860 200 6666 or 1800 200 9001 (toll free) from any registered telephone number. Customer is required to key in the 12 digit Smart Card Number followed by making payment using Cash Card or Credit Card.

After successful recharge, customer will receive confirmation regarding the recharge status.

Recharge via Dealers

Customers can buy the recharge vouchers from Reliance Communication Outlets, Reliance World, and many other dealers throughout the country. Customers can also recharge their Reliance Digital TV account from various recharge partners including EPRS, Paytronics, Oxigen, Payworld, Suvidha & Cyberplat.

Disclaimer : Information subject to change. Please check with the vendor’s website for latest information.