DTH Satellite

DTH Satellite or Direct broadcast satellite (DBS) or DTH refers to the satellite television broadcasts that are designed and intended for transmitting signals from satellite directly to the home of the consumers. The term DTH is more broadly used than DBS which means direct-to-home signals.

DTH Satellite is used for distinguishing the transmissions which are directly intended for home viewers from the distribution services of cable television that are carried on the same satellite. The term DTH in widely used for services offered by lower power satellites that require larger dishes (up to 1.7m diameter or more) for reception.

DTH Satellite The major highlights of DTH satellite transmission are as follows.

· Large number of channels

· High Quality Audio and Video services

· Large Number of Interactive Services

· Extra features and benefits

· Affordable entertainment rates

· Portable and flexible Dish TV

DTH has become favourable entertainment mode today as it provides unique features and quality services. The DTH satellite technology follows digital signals that offer strong sound system and amazing video quality. In fact, DTH satellite carried by low powered satellites requires larger dishes that offer digital satellite channels directly to subscribers from DTH service providers.

Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite television is the essence of entire satellite broadcast industry as it offers huge opportunities for both broadcasters and viewers. The rapid development of digital technology led to the introduction of wide variety of interactive applications in the television industry by DTH broadcast operators. In addition to this, it provides many entertainment programmes over a single delivery platform.

Moreover, DTH satellite technology allows for efficient management of the frequency spectrum. It is possible to broadcast large number of TV channels using digital technology than with analogue technology. The capacity of broadcasting large number of television channels enables the operator to fulfil the requirements ofdifferent types of niche markets with dedicated transmissions.

DTH Satellite service involves the digital compression and encryptionof large number of TV channels which are then transmitted using very high power satellites. It has made possible the transmission of TV channels directly from the satellites to the homes of consumers. With this mode of reception, it has become easier to use small sized dish antennas of 60 to 90 cm diameter for reception. These small dish antennas can be installed at suitable location in consumer’s buildings.

DTH Satellite TV is extremely easy to install, monitor and control as compared to cable TV. In fact, DTH satellite transmission does not involve any middle man like local cable operator as consumers are directly connected to the service providers. Consumers need a digital receiver for receiving the multiplexed signals so that they can be viewed on a TV.

DTH Satellite Transmission makes use of Ku band as it is most suitable for such transmissions.It involves digitally encoded transmission signals that provide higher resolution picture quality and better audio as compared to traditional Analog signals. DTH satellite TV has widely grown in popularity at rapid pace as it acquires 9 million subscribers with in two years across the nation.

Some of major DTH providers in India comprises of Reliance BIG TVDTH, Tata Sky DTH, DDDirect DTH, Sun DTH services, Airtel DTH and Zee Dish TV.

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