DTH Glossary

· Access Card –It is plastic card that comes with satellite receiver and it identifies each receiver and informs the program provider about Pay-Per-View (PPV) usage every month.

· Antenna –It refers to a device that is attached to television for enhancing reception of local program signals (UHF and/or VHF).

· APG – Advance Program Guide

· ATSC – Advance Television Standard Committee

· Add-On Packages –These are additional programming upgrades that are added to a base package. It allows the customers to personalize programming with international channels,movies, sports, and pay-per-view.

· Bandwidth – It refers to a range of frequencies available on the electromagnetic spectrum.

· Broadband – Aset of digital technologies that offers the facility of signal switched to customers so that they can get integrated access tohigh-speed data service, voice, interactive delivery services, and video-on-demand services.

· CEMA – Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association

· Common Carrier – This term denotes FCC’s class of transmission systems including telephone, telegraph and certain satellites

· Compression- It is a descriptive term for reducing the amount of bandwidth required for transmitting video or audio, thereby increasing the transponder’s capacity.

· CONUS -Continental United States Continuous Wave.

· Decibel – It refers to an analog unit for measuring signal strength in logarithmic form.

· DBS- Direct Broadcast Satellite It refers to transmission of audio and video signals through satellite directly to the end user by using C-Band and Ku-Band receivers.

· Demodulation- Process ofretrieving modulated information signal onto a carrier.

· Dish – Disc shaped antenna

· Downlink -Process of receiving signals from a satellite

· DTH -Direct-To-Home that refers to process of receiving satellite transmission directly to the home.

· DVR -Digital Video Recorders

· Encryption –It refers to the procedure of electronically converting video and/or audio signals into different format than the original.

· EPG – Electronic Programming Guide

· FSS – Fixed Satellite Service

· GSO -Geosynchronous Orbit

· HDTV -High Definition Television Technology that increases the resolution of digital video signals leading to improved picture quality

· Hybrid Satellite- A satellite which carries different communications payloads

· Hz, Hertz Cycle per second; a measure of electromagnetic frequency that represents the number of complete electrical waves in a second.

· ICTA -Independent Cable & Telecommunications Association.

· IPG -Interactive Programming Guide.

· INMARSAT -International Maritime Satellite Organization.

· INTELSAT – International Telecommunications Satellite Organization.

· ITU- International Telecommunications Union.

· IRD – Integrated Receiver Decoder

· Impulse Pay-Per-View Technology –It enables the consumer to buy a movie or special event instantly through computerized order processing centre.

· Ka-Band – 18 to 31 gigaHertz which is higher frequency than Ku-Band

· Ku-Band – 11.7-12.7 GHz (Gigahertz) frequency band.

· LEO -Low Earth Orbitsatellites that are placed in orbit less than 22,300 miles above the earth.

· LNB -Low Noise Block convertor which is used for amplifying and converting satellite signals into frequencies sent to the tuner.

· Modulation – It refers to the process of converting information signal into format that can be sent onto a carrier for transmission.

· MPEG -Motion Pictures Experts Group.

· NAB- National Association of Broadcasters.

· NCTA -National Cable Television Association.

· Packet Data – A process for transmitting data in discrete units called packets that allow efficient usage of channel capacity and reliable transfer.

· Pad – It refers to transponder channel attenuation.

· PVR – Personal Video Recorder (PVR) Product

· PCS – Personal Communications System.

· QPSK – Quaternary Phase Shift Keying

· RPM – Revolutions Per Minute.

· RBOC – Regional Bell Operating Company.

· SBCA – Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association.

· SCPC – Single Channel Per-Carrier

· Satellite Antenna (Dish) – It refers to a parabolic antenna which collects satellite signals.

· SMATV -Satellite Master Antenna Television

· SNG -Satellite Newsgathering.

· Transceiver – It is a combination of transmitter and receiver.

· Transponder- It refers to a satellite component for receiving and retransmitting a TV signal or audio channels.

· TVRO – (Television Receive-Only)

· UHF -Ultra High Frequency Band in the 500 to 900 MHz range

· VHF -Very High Frequency; Band in the 30 to 300 MHz range

· VSAT- Very Small Aperture Terminal

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Comparisons between DTH and Cable

The cable TV arrived few decades ago and replaced TV Antennaswhen they were used for receiving the television transmission. The cable TV operators offered many channels and the set up includes huge dish shaped antennas that are placed on top of the cable operator’s office or house. Customers were able to get a connection by paying a deposit and a monthly subscription charges. This set up includes the laying of cables through narrow streets and pathways alongside buildings. Any disruption to service due to rain or other reason led to poor signals transmission.

The DTH service has emerged as a better alternative to cable Television services.DTH service is the next generation technology that offers different kind of TV viewing experience. One needs to have a small dish for receiving the TV/AV signal and a Set Top Boxfor receiving and delivering the signal.

Comparisons between DTH and Cable Comparison

· DTH provides better picture, audio and sound quality than cable TV. It is because the cable TV in India makes use of analog signals while DTH uses digital signals that are transmitted directly from

· the satellite to home. The cable transmission is still analog in spite of digital transmission and reception of TV signals.

· DTH services provide stereophonic sound effects that are much better than the sound quality received from cable TV.

· DTH services are available even in remote areas and locations however; the penetration of cable TV is limited to only to those terrestrial regions where the cable can be laid.

· Cable TV does not offer any Interactive services while DTH services provide enhanced interactive TV services including Internet access, email, video conferencing and movie-on-demand.

· The DTH and Cable services differ in the way of reaching the consumer’s home. In case of DTH, TV channels are transmitted from the satellite directly to a small dish antenna in the window or rooftop of the consumer’s home. Thus, it allows the broadcaster to directly connect with the user and does not involve middlemen like local cable operator.

The Cable services are offered via the cables laid by cable operators. It involves the transmission of TV channels from the broadcaster via satellite to the dish antenna of local cable operator which then provide connections to the consumers via cables.

· DTH is an advanced next generation technology that offers as much as 700 channels while cable TV has limitations of transmitting selected number of channels with proper picture and sound quality.

· DTH services offer the consumers to select the Dynamic Program Packages they want to use. Thus, consumers will pay for what they want to watch. However, in case of Cable TV, consumers do not have much choice to select their preferred channels.

· Dth services provide Advanced Viewing Control Features such as Electronic Program Guide (EPG), however there are no such services available with cable TV.

· DTh services allows the consumer to move the dish and STB to anywhere conveniently, however it is not the same with Cable tV where consumers have to take new connection at new location.

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Comparison of India’s Dth Providers

The arrival of DTH services in India has led to the emergence of many Dth service providers who are offering various value added services at competitive prices. As a consumer, one has to carefully select the service provider after considering the various factors such as transmission in inclement weather, picture quality, plans & packages, package pricing and other value added services.

Some of the famous DTH providers in India include Airtel Digital, Dish TV, Big TV,Videocon D2H, TataSky,Sun Direct, and others.

Comparison of India's Dth Providers Comparison of Interactive Services

The comparison of Interactive services offered by various DTH providers in India is mentioned below.

Tata Sky : Its interactive services such as Active Topper, Active Learning, Active Stories, Active Mall, Active English, Active Wizkids, Active Games, Active Darshan, Active Cooking, Active Astrology, etc.

It offers following packages

Super Hit pack : 63 channels and costs Rs 160 per month.

Super Value pack :103 channels and costs Rs 200 per month.

Super Value Kids pack : 104 channels and costs Rs 225 per month.

Super Saver pack : 124 channels and costs Rs 275 per month.

Airtel Digital :Its interactive services includesiNet, iLearn, iNews, iMatinee, iTravel, iAstro, iSports, etc.

It offers following packages

Super value:110 channels and costs Rs 127 per month

New value : 118 channels and costs Rs 160 per month

Economy: 155channels and costs Rs 221per month

Mega : 177 channels and costs Rs 304 per month

Ultra: 184 channels and costs Rs 364 per month

Dish TV :Its interactive services include Gaming, News Active, Bhakti Active, Astro Active, ICICI Active, Sports Active, Multilingual Service, Shaadi Active, Jobs Active, Travel Active, etc.

It offers following packages

Titanium pack: 193 channels and costs Rs 332.5 per month

Child pack :190 channels and costs Rs 165per month

PlatinumShine Pack+1 free top up: 190 channels and costs Rs 312per month

Gold : 165 channels and costs Rs 210per month

Silver : 145 channels and costs Rs 125per month

South platinum : 190 channels and costs Rs 312per month

South Gold : 155 channels and costs Rs 190per month

South Silver: 145 channels and costs Rs 125per month

Big TV :Its interactive services includeiStock, iCricket, iAstro, icooking, iCare, iGame, iNews, etc.

It offers following packages

Value pack : 81 channels and costs Rs 90+ Taxes per month

Bronze pack :111 channels and costs Rs 135+ Taxesper month

Silver pack :123 channels and costs Rs 180+Taxes per month

Gold pack : 138 channels and costs Rs 225+Taxes per month

Diamond pack : 152 channels and costs Rs 270+Taxes per month

Platinum pack : 156 channels and costs Rs 315+Taxes per month

Videocon D2H:Its interactive services includeActive Darshan, Active Cooking, Active Travel, Active Health &Fitness,etc.

It offers following packages

Gold pack : 125channels and costs 150per month

Diamond pack : 165 channels and costs Rs 275per month

Sun Direct: It offers following packages

Shine Pack+1free top up : 130 channels and costs 120 per month

North Jumbo pack : 30 channels and costs 300 per month

Comparison of other DTH features

DTH Features

Tata Sky

Dish TV


Airtel Digital

Sun Direct

Videocon d2h

Movies on Demand Channels






Coming soon

Favorite Channels list

1 with 20 channel

8 with Unlimited

8 with Unlimited

4 with 15 channel


4 lists with 20 channels each

Naming Favourites







Top 10 list







Parental control with rating







Quality- MPEG4














Language for interface






2 Language out of 9 available

Customizable hud














Package Model

Base pack+Add on

Base Pack + Alacarte

Base Package+Add on

Base Package + Adding

Base Pack + Add on +

BasePack + Add on

Pack + Few alacarte

Packs + regional Packs

next Package or Topups


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APNA DTH Products

APNA DTH is basically a registered trade mark of MCBS that design and develop DTH terminals for various DTH platforms in India. It comprises of a wide range of dish antenna terminals along with LNBF and Set-top boxes for suiting the television viewing needs of all customers.

DD Direct Plus services of Doordarshan uses APNA DTH system for receiving 30 to 40 TV channels and many (AIR) All India Radio channels. These products are approved by Prasar Bharati (Doordarshan) for usage in Doordarshan DTH Network across India.

APNA DTH Products APNA DTH Products

Some of the popular APNA DTH products are mentioned below.

· MCBS Soldier Series

· MCBS Universal Series (Mother Of All Dth)

· Challenger Series

· Champion Series With Built-In Dvd

· MCBS Winner Series With 12v D.C. (Battery Operated For Car / Buses / Trains / Rural Areas)

· C & Ku – Band Dth System

· Voyager Series For Mobile Vehicles such as Trains / Buses / Cars etc

· Apna Dth Gift-Box

· Set Top Box – Dth Express (Pc Card)

· Set Top Box – Dth Express (Stb)

· Apna Dth Radio

· MCBS Pvr Plus Programme Video Recorder With Hard Disk

Salient features of Apna Dth

MCBS employs best and latest technology of the world in designing and developing APNA DTH products for manufacturing of antenna, LNBF and Set-top boxes (IRD).

APNA DTH products are can be used for several DTH platforms as they based on open DVB standards. It includes DTH Platforms with or without Conditional Access System (CAS) that would soon available in future.

APNA DTH provides good choice of Set-top boxes with different in built and user friendly features.

These products are available in variety of models and include one or more following features.

· Common Interface Slot (CI) for Conditional Access Module (CAM)

· Free-to-Air (FTA)

· Battery operation


· Set-top box with positioned for multicast operation & moving vehicles

· Multi-sat antenna and Set-top box

APNA DTH products are designed to be used with different DTH platforms that offer FTA channels and open DVB-CAS pay TV channels.

How to Purchase APNA DTH Product

Consumers can purchase APNA DTH products from Dealer or Distributor networks of DTH and MCBS regional offices throughout the country.

Consumers can also contact APNA DTH via email at info@apnadth.com. Moreover, consumers can visit the APNA DTH website at http://www.apnadth.com for more information regarding the products.

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Chota Packs

Airtel Digital TV offers the freedom of customising the channels packages as per the requirement of the consumers. Consumers can now select from the wide array of Chota Packs available to select the channels of their choice. Customers have to subscribe for any of the base packs before opting for any of the Chota packs. In case of Zee Sports and Ten Sports packs, customer needs to subscribe for at least 6 months.

Chota Packs Ways for subscribing to Chota Packs

Consumers can subscribe for Chota Packs using any of the following ways

Subscribe online: Consumers can visit the airtel digital TV website for selecting their desired chota pack and subscribe online.


Subscribe by sending SMS: Consumers can also send SMS to 54325 from registered mobile or any other mobile for selecting and booking the desired chota packs.

Registered mobile : SMS ADD <pack code> to 54325 from

Any other mobile : ADD <pack code><customer ID>

Subscribe by call: Consumers can also select and subscribe Chota pack by making calls to IVR on the Airtel Digital TV call center numbers.

In addition to these, consumers can also select a channel of his/her choice by sending SMS GET <channel name> or GET <channel number> to 54325.

For example, SMS GET ESPN to 54325

Featured Chota packs

Some of the featured Chota Packs are mentioned below.

ESPN 3 Channels: It costs 40 Rs per month and includes ESPN, Star Sports and Star cricket

Bada Kids plus five channels : It costs 35 Rs per month and include Pogo, Hungama, CN, Animax and nickelodeon

Ten Sports : It costs 20 Rs per month

UTV Plus 3 Channels : It costs 15 Rs per month and include Bindaas, UTV Movies and UTV Action

Hindi Plus 8 Channels : It costs 45 Rs per month and include Bindaas, UTV Movies, UTV Action, Zee TV, Sahara One, Filmi, Star Gold and Zee Cinema

Neo Plus 2 Channels : It costs 40 Rs per month and include Neo Sports and Neo Cricket

WB : It costs 10 Rs per month

Cine Plus 5 Channels : It costs 40 Rs per month and include MGM, Star Movies, Zee Studio, Sony Pix, and HBO

AAj Tak : It costs 10 Rs per month

Ten Cricket : It costs 30 Rs per month

Cosmo Plus : It costs 45 Rs per month and include BBC Entertainment, FX, Fox Crime, Spark Big CBS, Prime Big CBS, Love Big CBS, Movies Now

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