airtel dish tv, Airtel Digital TV

Airtel Digital TV is the Direct-To-Home (DTH) satellite TV service launched by Airtel. It provides many exciting features to attract the consumers and the entire DTH system is HD ready and offers quality interactive content.It is among the first DTH service in India that offers Worldspace Radio content.

Airtel Digital TV has a market share of 8% in India with around 1 million subscribers base.

Airtel Digital TV Features of Digital TV

Universal remote : Airtel Digital TV comes with universal remote that allows the consumers to

manage both TV and set top box with a single remote.

MPEG-4 DVB S-2 Sound and Picture: Airtel Digital TV provides excellent picture and sound quality as it employs MPEG4 DVB-S2 technology for providing exceptional viewing experience. This feature guaranteesworld classsound and picture quality.

Interactive services: Airtel comes with wide range of interactive services such as includesiNet, iLearn, iNews, iMatinee, iTravel, iAstro, iSports, etc.

Multilingual Electronic Programme Guide: It provides Multilingual Electronic programme Guide that offers various program details conveniently. Consumers can easily switch the languages as per his/her preferences.

Airtel Movies: Airtel digital TV provides wholesome entertainment with its wide range of movies on Pay Per View channels. Consumer can select from Hollywood, Bollywood and Regional movies that are refreshed frequently.

Sleek and Stylish Set Top Box: The set top box that comes with Airtel Digital TV is sleek and stylish in appearance. It looks pleasing and possesses high set top box memory for various interactive applications like iMatinee, iTravel, iShop, iCity and Widgets (stocks).

The set top box comes along with a universal remote and the dish antenna is 20% bigger as compared to conventional antenna for delivering better performance even during bad weather conditions.

Power resume function: Airtel digital TV provides the option of power resume function that remembers the last channel viewed by consumer at a time of power failure. This feature takes the consumers to the channel he/she was watching whenever power comes back.

24X7 Customer Care in 10 languages:Another remarkable feature of Airtel digital TV is 24X7 customer care in 10 languages that enables consumers to get quick solutions to their problems.

Games: Airtel digital TV provides many exciting games for the consumers to keep them refreshed and these games are updated every 6 weeks.

Excellent Interface:The interface of Airtel Digital TV is simple and convenient. It has a great response time and does not hang.

Offers: Airtel Digital TV provides wide range of offers for the consumers to choose from. The popular offers of Airtel DTH services include Browse Entry Offers, Monthly Packs, Chota Packs, A la carte Packs, Advance Rental Packages, etc.

Popular plans and packages

The popular plans and packages of Airtel digital TV are mentioned below.

· Super value: 110 channels and costs Rs 127 per month

· New value : 118 channels and costs Rs 160 per month

· Economy: 155 channels and costs Rs 221 per month

· Mega : 177 channels and costs Rs 304 per month

· Ultra: 184 channels and costs Rs 364 per month

Disclaimer : Information subject to change. Please check with the vendor’s website for latest information.