Airtel Digital TV IPTV

Airtel offers IPTV that changes the way one watch Television by employing most advanced broadcasting technology in the world. It provides immense possibilities of exploring your Television as per your convenience. It enables the consumers to watch a particular TV programme at their own preferred time.

IPTV is designed to provide personalization, interactive and enhanced control to viewers and offersamazing security for the content providers. It delivers superior TV viewing experience with exceptional audio and video quality. It takes TV viewing experience to unbelievable level with its host of information services, interactive and communication applications, wide range of TV programming and video on demand services.

Airtel Digital TV IPTV Features and benefits of IPTV

Highly Interactive and Personalized Services: It employs internet based technology that enables consumers to enjoy real time interactivity. You can order any movie or listen to radio as per your convenient time.

Powerful electronic programming guide (EPG):It comes with powerful EPG that enables customers toeffortlessly navigate and discover latest high quality content and delivered as per their convenience.

Video ondemand (VOD): IPTV offers wide array of channels and VOD service that enables consumers to order their favourite movies or videos as per according to their convenience. This feature provides over 200 movies including both Hindi and English blockbusters.

Interactive applications: IPTV provides range of interactive applications that allows the TV to host range of new services which can be personalised as per the choices of individual user. For example, customer can check their horoscope for a day, week or month ahead.

Time-shift TV:IPTV offers time-shifted TV by employing a network based Personal Video Recorder (PVR) that allows the viewer to view programs as per his/her convenience. In fact, viewers can select from over 10000 programs every week to view them according to his/her convenience. This innovative time shift feature auto records programs of last 7 days for the user.

Control broadcast TV: Viewers can control the live TV broadcasting by using pause and rewind functions. Thus, user can now take complete control of programs he/she wants to view on TV.

Parental control:IPTV comes with easy to use interface that allows the parents to lock VOD content for preventing their children from watching unsuitable content.

Single bill : This facility enables the users to track the usage and consumption of entertainment, broadband and telephone. Consumers can make single payment for all these bills and avoid the problems of making multiple payments.

Secure digital rights: IPTV is also beneficial for the content providers as it offers sophisticated and secure digital rights management for preventing piracy

Finger printing for tracking illegal copy:The highly secure system employs ‘Finger Printing’ that assists in tracking illegal copier.

Triple Advantage: IPTV offers the triple advantage of accessing high speed internet access, excellent quality TV broadcast and phone connection with amazing voice clarity through one single connection.

Record programs even during Power Cuts: IPTV automatically records programs even during the power failure so you can view these programs later.

Uninterrupted broadcasting: IPTV provides all weather broadcasting without any interruption as it is a wired connection.

Disclaimer : Information subject to change. Please check with the vendor’s website for latest information.