Airtel digital TV [HD]

Airtel Digital TV [HD] is a high definition DTH service from Airtel that provides ultimate television viewing experience with exceptional picture and sound clarity. In fact, consumers can get 5 times more clarity and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound with airtel digital TV [HD].

The price ofAirtel Digital TV [HD] starts from Rs3090 onwards which provide 3 Months Subscription and free Installation.

Airtel digital TV [HD] Plans & Offers

Consumers can upgrade their standard existing set top box to digital TV [HD] by paying Rs 2250. One can experience the world of High Definition with airtel digital TV [HD].

Consumers can purchase a digital TV [HD] as an additional connection to their existing set-top-box by paying Rs. 2499. It will continue their existing monthly plan and minimum first reharge is of Rs.200.

Features of Airtel digital TV [HD]

High definition resolution: Airtel Digital TV [HD] offers incredible picture clarity with the highest possible resolution of 1080×1920. It provides 5 times sharper picture than Standard picture with 2.07million+ pixels. This strikingly real picture quality will forever change the way one view pictures.

Dolby Digital Plus:Airtel Digital TV [HD] provides theatre like experience in living room with Dolby Digital plus 7.1 surround sound.This amazing sound quality is simply mind blowing and provides mesmerising experience where one can experience everything exactly as it is.

Wide Aspect Ratio:Airtel Digital TV [HD] provides wide aspect ratio of 16:9 that is designed to suit the eyes better as it has more horizontal than vertical span. Overall, it results in pleasant and better viewing experience.

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) output:The presence of HDMI output feature ensures that the best HD signals are delivered to HDTV.

MPEG-4 DVB-S2:Airtel Digital TV[HD] provides excellent picture and sound quality as it employs MPEG4 DVB-S2 technology for providing exceptional viewing experience. This feature guarantees world class sound and picture quality.

Universal remote:Airtel HD set top box universal remoteallows the consumers to manage both TV and set top box with a single remote. Thus, one can get rid of managing different remote controls.

Blockbuster movies : Airtel digital TV [HD] provides wholesome entertainment with its wide range of movies on Pay Per View channels. Consumer can select from Hollywood, Bollywood and Regional movies that are refreshed frequently.

Interactive services: Airtel digital TV [HD] comes with wide range of interactive services such as includesiNet, iLearn, iNews, iMatinee, iTravel, iAstro, iSports, etc. Thus, consumers can book movie tickets, browse internet, view stocks prices, etc from their TV sets.

Games : Airtel digital TV [HD] provides many thrilling and exciting games for the consumers to keep them refreshed and these games are updated every 6 weeks.

Multilingual EPG: It provides Multilingual Electronic programme Guide that offers various program details conveniently. Consumers can easily switch the languages as per his/her preferences.

Power resume function: Airtel HD set top box provides the option of power resume function that remembers the last channel viewed by consumer at a time of power failure. This feature takes the consumers to the channel he/she was watching whenever power comes back.

Disclaimer : Information subject to change. Please check with the vendor’s website for latest information.