Airtel Digital TV for vehicles

Airtel Digital TV for Vehicles is a new service launched by Airtel for providing entertainment while on the move. This service allow the consumers to catch all the TV programmes live while travelling with digital TV solutions for vehicles. Airtel Digital TV for vehicles provides high qualitytelevision access with uninterrupted programming and wide range of TV channels. This service is available for cars, buses, SUVs and even trains.

Airtel Digital TV for vehicles How it works

Airtel Digital TV for vehicles involves the installation of mobile tracking antenna on the vehicle’s roof which receives all the channels directly from satellite and transmitted these TV channels to theinstalled Set-top box and Television inside the vehicle. The procedure of accessing the channels inside the vehicle is the same as any other digital TV connection in home.


Airtel digital TV is among the first direct-to-home (DTH) service provider to launch in-bus entertainment facilities. It has first commenced this service in RSTC Super Luxury Volvo buses that ply on Delhi to Jaipur Highway by installing multi-TV screen mobile vehicle DTH solutions.

Airtel digital TV for vehicles provides wide array of 70 channels for the consumers to choose from. This satellite TV service with multi TV screens in the bus enables the passengers to watch the channels of their respective choice and change channels as per their wish. This service is regarded as an advanced form of wireless TV and advancement in mobile entertainment.

The services of Airtel digital TV for vehicles make use of mobile signal tracking antenna from Raysat. Airtel has hired the integrated consultancy services to function as its system integrator which targets SUVs, state transports, and private luxury bus operators for offering this service.

With increase in the traffic density in urban areas and enhanced road networks, the time spent by passengers while using ground transport is increasing. Airtel has captured this opportunity of travelling time to expand its DTH services to the customers and enhance their customer experience. It is a remarkable step in providing entertainment on the move.

Passengers can access their favourite channels and catch live action even while travelling. It is best way to keep the passengers away from the stress of travelling. They can not only relax but also get updates on live stock prices, catch Live news and other programmes. Similar kind of service was also launched by the Dish TV in special trains of Rajasthan. The digital TV for vehicles has an immense growth potential and this trend is likely to grow rapidly in near future.

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