Direct To Home (DTH)

Meaning of DTH service

The DTH (Direct To Home) service is basically a digital satellite service that provides satellite television programming directly to subscribers home anywhere in the country. Since it employs wireless technology, the television programs are transmitted to the subscriber’s television directly from the satellite. This service does not involve the usage of cables and any other wiring infrastructure.

A DTH network comprises of a broadcasting centre, satellites, encoders, multiplexers, DTH receivers and others.A DTH service provider is required to lease Ku-band transponders from the satellite. The function of encoder is to convert the audio, video and data signals into the digital signals. These digital signals are then mixed by multiplexer. On the receiving end at user home, the set up includes a small Dish Antenna and Set-Top Boxes which decode these signals and convert them back to audio, video and data signals.Direct To Home (DTH)

Some of the popular DTH providers in India includeTataSky, Airtel Digital, Videocon D2H, Sun Direct, Dish TV, Big TV and others.

Features of DTH

· DTH services offer exceptional picture and sound quality that is unparalled to any other picture quality worldwide. It has become possible to experience the excellent quality live concerts, home theatres, daily television programming and surround sound from the comfort of home due to DTH services.

· Viewers can enjoy the modern movie theatre like viewing experience at their home. This service is especially significant and valuable in those remote and difficult to reach areas where the cable infrastructure is not present and there are no terrestrial television services existed.

· DTH services allow the viewers to only pay for the channels and services they want to use. Thus, viewers can select from the list of dynamic program packages as per their preference. This feature is in sharp contrast to the services provided by cable operators where one makes payment for all the channels offered by them.

· DTH provides Advanced Viewing Control Features such as the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) that allows the viewers to check current and future programs on all channels.The presence of Parental Lock, Pre-booked Pay-Per-View and Impulse Pay-Per-View features truly makes it an extra ordinary and comfortable service available at the home.

· DTH services provide amazing DVD sound quality that includes MPEG4 with DVB-S2 digital transmission that has the provision of HD quality. Customers can also enjoy various enhanced interactive services such as Internet access, Movie on demand, etc.

Things to consider for buying DTH services

· Before purchasing any DTH service provider plans, one should check the reception quality in his/her area. The improved and better signal strength leads to high quality reception.

· Most of the DTH service providers offer competitive plans and packages. Almost, every DTh service provider offer special packs for the southern region, packs designed for regional language channels, small packs of few channels, Mega Package for all the channels, etc.

· Customer should make the list of channels that he/she wants to view and then select the plan or package that provides these channels at the competitive price. It is important to get desired combination of channels rather than the number of channels available in a pack.

· Direct To Home (DTH) has emerged as the good substitute to cable TV system. It does not require any cable running through the streets and highways. There is extensive implementation of Conditional Access System (CAS) across the country that makes it suitable alternative to cable system.

· There are many DTH service providers in the market and one has to carefully select the service provider after considering the various factors such as transmission in inclement weather, picture quality, plans & packages, package pricing and other value added services.

Disclaimer : Information subject to change. Please check with the vendor’s website for latest information.